Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Leaf Tells

“I brought something for you. This… The most important leaf in human history. It’s full of stories.” ~ Doctor Who

my leaf collection,

with tears and scratches,

of the lives of trees
(and me)

I found this one impaled on a rosebush,
the day before my mastectomy

 for Poets United Midweek Motif, where a stunning hostess invites everyone to write a new poem that uses not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies” as a foundation

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Under the Brightest Summer Blues

“Even when the winds of misfortune blow, amazing things can still happen [and bloom, too].” ~ Gabriel García Márquez [and moi]

I love those words… and believe they grow truest in soil. I also suspect this belief is what keeps me photographing and poetizing blooms. Or, mayhap, I just love how good plants are at showing and telling humanity’s stories.

when it rains,
all things can shine through
the droplets

kissed thistles
blushing and waving
under the brightest summer

stars echo
so fierily red
in a bloom

- for Poets United (Poetry Pantry #488)

- if we are friends on Instagram, you probably already read the lived-snippets I shared with these bits and blooms. If you haven’t (and are interested in reading those words), then click here for the 1st, here for the 2nd, and here for the 3rd

- on Jul 31st, I will be guest-hosting Poets United Midweek Motif. If you wish to join in (and like poetizing ahead), the theme is “not-so-old-fashioned ‘Hobbies’”.

- on the storytelling side, the next Telling Tales with Magaly Guerrero: a Pantry of Prose is almost here (August 4th), the theme will be “Stitches”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Woozy but Open-Eyed

“Perfume is a story in odor.” ~ Jean Claude Ellena

One wished for a poem inspired by perfume. The other asked for a poem brewed out of a quote. I wanted to birth a cherita. So, yes… I did all three.

the poem (cherita):
unstoppable changes,

(the most pungent
of perfumes)

leave my soul
but open-eyed

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Pick 2 Prompts, Any Prompts! then Senryū or Elfchen or Cherita) and Poets United (Poetry Pantry #487). I picked Sanaas Perfume and Tonis Poetry begins with a lump in the throat

if you are visiting for the poetry alone, then you are already done. If not (and you wish to delight in the rest of the word yum) go ahead, read on…

3 wild bits of living:
 1. According to Flash Rosenberg, “humans get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs…” She is correct. My thumbs are slightly useless, at the moment, and time seems to spill out of my clumsy grasp, as I stumble and fumble and take eons to do things I used to accomplish in seconds (turn doorknobs, put on my pants…). My doctors and I hope it’s temporary. If not, well… I shall make it work. I always do.

2. My old blog (which I’ve unpublished) continues to have RSS compatibility issues: I can’t add it to Bloglovin’, readers get no notifications, I get no notifications. It’s a mess… I tried to fix it (but couldn’t), friends who understand this stuff better than I do tried to fix it (but couldn’t), strangers whose entire job revolves around fixing this sort of blog thing tried to fix it (but found themselves just as frustrated as the rest of us lay(wo)men).

3. I refuse to waste time (I don’t have) fighting things I can’t change. So… welcome to my new blog, Guerrero Words, which I invite you to follow through Bloglovin(click the link), or by email (on the sidebar), or through Blogger widget (also on the sidebar). Or, if you are feeling extra daring—and trust these blog following thingies as little as I do—I suggest you sign up for all three (3 is a delicious number).

Enjoy the poetry. Join the wild bits of living discussion. Be freaking fantastic.

my latest pin find. Look at those wings go!