Tuesday, August 25, 2020

On Eggshells

If I have to listen to one more person, whom I know voted for the Orange Infection, say that they don’t understand why things are so bad in the US, especially for low-income individuals and other marginalized groups, I might start screaming; or, perhaps, I will just share the occasional annoyance-spiced American Sentence.  

We can’t blame the storm for our breaking, while building castles on eggshells.

the wee notes

- yes, every now and again, I scribble poem bits on my breakfast *cough*

- for Poets and Storytellers United (Weekly Scribblings #34: Foundation, where Rommy asks us to consider the word foundation and use that to build up our poetry or prose)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Nature Bee Wild

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet

on wild days,
nature mandalas
à la thorn
from every angle,
my passion
hungry bee
will twerk coneflower
for honey
for Poets and Storytellers United (Writers’ Pantry #34: Writing Is Easy)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

An Argument of Sick Girls

“Let’s have a drink,” you tell me, filling my phone screen with your wine bottle.
“Let’s make tonight an extra special cheat night. We crohnies, cancer chicks—”

“Didn’t we say our collective name would be an argument of sick girls?

“Fine. Whatever. Our argument of sick girls needs a day, a night, or a handful of minutes free of gut rules.”

“We have those,” I remind you. “You sipped rosé for your birthday and I nibbled coconut cake for mine.” My mouth waters at the memory. And my stomach turns into a grumbling collection of cowering knots. “Just one day is enough for me.”

“One day isn’t fair. One day is a cage. I won’t stand for just one day. Tonight, my tongue will bathe in the blood of grapes.”

I don’t try to change your mind—I see that wildest of blazes in your eyes—and when you call me later hurling wails, when you curse the unfairness of it all, I
don’t need to nag about how the spirits of grapes pour no mercy on the likes of us; youve learned.

Nature finds balance—
swallowing screams for dinner
will erupt nightmares.

the wee notes…
- crohnie is an informal name for someone with Crohn’s disease
- partly inspired by the phrase, “I swallow screams for dinner”, by C. Sandlin
- for Poets and Storytellers United (Weekly Scribblings #33: “swallow screams for dinner”

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Let Me Explain

A cute skull in your hand,

our neighbors cringing at the sight of you
sticking a hammer in its eye.

You tell them, “Let me explain
about my wife, skulls and hammers make her smile.
And I love her.”

More on Hammereye, the skully that partly inspired the poem, HERE.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

She’s All Kicks and Kisses

“Nature is cheaper than therapy.” – M.P. Zarrella

there’s beauty
in all the phases
of nature
For the one who said, “I wish being old and sick didn’t...” click HERE for more.

she has a temper,
nature—all kicks and kisses—
don’t you forget it
Nature’s howling got physical. But... click HERE for the whole thing.

after all
her wild and stormy,
nature buds
Isaias has finally stopped blowing unrequited kisses... click HERE for the rest.