Thursday, August 18, 2022


Love is
multifaceted realities.
One can be loved
gently, kindly, safely…
and choose
to love in kind. Except

with you; with us
there’s no choice—

our love is
inevitable, inescapable,
explosive, all
the only one

of its kind.


photo by Theo Eilertsen Photography on, Unsplash

- someone once told me that “True love is a sweet and unselfish thing that makes us feel safe.” I didn’t say, Bullshit! But I was thinking it.  I believe all loves are true lovessome are sweet, some are devastating, some last a lifetime, some are lived in moments… And they are all true loves (in their own complex way).  

 - for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #40: Lists in Ink.


  1. Oh, so well said! And I absolutely agree.

  2. True, True! All loves are true loves for however long they last. Though much is often lost or rearranged between the feeling and the expression!

  3. Yes, all but the feeling safe part. Men don't feel safe because they might get sued for, ... well, you know. Women don't feel safe because the man might get out of hand! I have entirely changed my life in that I now only hug from the shoulders up. A bit of trust helps things but that can change. Either way, either side.
    BTW, I have been xxx'd at least three times that I can remember, really bad. Oh yes, and once other time in a men's restroom at a bus stop, I thought he was mooching a cigarette which I didn't have.

  4. Beautiful - I should take love less for granted. To have it is such a joy.

  5. Hi that last comment was mine too - it is making me sign in everytime!

  6. Wow. What a build up. I agree and have experienced that kind of love. No choosing or escaping it.

  7. Bravo for explosive love.
    Happy Friday Magaly.


  8. You make true love sound so simple. Which it should really be.

  9. I believe as you do (and shared so exquisitely) ... love comes in many shapes and sizes. One size fits all ... no matter the degree, circumstance. Happy Friday to you.

  10. Love is so grand, bursts of continuing joy, something like that.

  11. At this stage in my life I choose gentle kind and secure love. Too many explosions already in my past.

  12. Rall can only comment on this blog as Anonymous. Sorry forgot to write my name.

  13. Hey Maga! First, I have to say that I don't why I'm not receiving your fresh posts through my inbox, lately. :( All this time, I thought you were on a blogging break. Could be something to do with Blogger!?

    Anyway, the multifaceted love your poem depicts is spot-on. Love takes many forms.

  14. One only needs one such love. Nice example for the prompt.

  15. What an interesting poem - and you are write - Love comes in many shapes and sizes... Really makes me think!

  16. So many types of love exist. They all matter.


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