Friday, March 3, 2023

Warming Bursts of Life

not-quite Journaling, 50

2/18/2023: Every now and again, someone (we thought we knew well ) does something so atrocious that we can’t help but want to bite their freaking head off (and yes, by “we” I mean “me”).


in the gloom,
warming bursts of life
spring for me

2/22/2023: The sun is MIA, but seeing this wee garlic sprouting brightens things up.


2/25/2023: The haiku was inspired by the sight of snow falling darkly. Follow this link to see if on Instagram.


2/28/2023: New York City is shrouded in snow today. The flakes fall in heavy clumps that chill air and soil, and weigh down my heart. I know Nature is too big to spend a whole day grieving with me. Still, the wintry gloom makes me wonder if she, too, is marking the anniversary of my little brother’s death.


when forests go dark,
I search for blossoming sun-
light to ink and share

3/3/2023: My dearest and sweetest Rosemary asked us “what would you write in the face of disaster? What will you write?” I react to collective catastrophe in the same way that I react to personal peril: I acknowledge the horror and the hurt… then I dig, with tooth and claw and will, until I find someone or something that reminds me that the world isn’t all rotten. I let the findings feed my ink, and I share the words with you—because, like darkness, brightness shared spreads.

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #66: In the Face of Disaster.


  1. Lovely to be back here again Magaly - such a finely and joyously pocket of delights to sample - all with their own individual shade and colour.... Great!

    1. Btw this comment was almost certainly from Scott, who has been having trouble posting under his own name on Blogger.

  2. Fantastic first verse. It is pure power. And in the midst of never-ending love and grieving, nature sometimes lifts the mood a little with a sprout of new life.

  3. I love the way you react to both collective catastrophes and personal perils, Warrior Woman!

  4. That little sprout give me hope. I have a plant that I chopped to the quick. i am not sure it will live but i am giving it a chance. The sorrow of losing a sibling - a little brother - sigh. my five oldest adore their 'little brother'. Can't imagine... Hugs to you!

  5. Beautiful pockets of poems

  6. Sometimes it falls like cornflakes. I love your final sharing about finding something beautiful and spreading it that is my go to too. And I feel your grief of loss. I live with too. And now we are six and used to be nine.

  7. betrayed teeth cut equally hard - yes!!! I love the absolute positivity in digging until one finds something not rotten - I really needed to read that this morning. Off to dig for some light! Thank you!!

  8. Well dear Magaly betrayal is a hard one to deal with but take comfort in the fact that you would never be like that and your toxic non friend has to live with herself......Garlic and little blue forget me nots are good friends ...Rall

  9. Your post speaks to all that makes us human. And I love the act of "find[ing] someone or something that reminds me that the world isn’t all rotten." Because there's still so much goodness out there. Keep sharing the brightness, my friend. And I'm continuing to "plant my glimmer" as you once suggested. Much love!

  10. I watched CBS Sunday this morning as is my usual practice ... cannot remember which segment it was (old age) but was reminded of grade school, how each new year felt, how it smelled, looked, new classmates and teacher, desk, chalkboard, cloakroom, dress handmade by Mother for first day, etc. etc. Suddenly my world was brand new, better .. with all sorts of possibilities .. how I feel after reading your Not Quite Journaling entries.

  11. Blossoming sunlight back to you! I like that one, and finding something that reminds me that the world isn't all rotten.

  12. I'm so sorry for being late to comment. Too much going on over here. Not all happy or good. I take a lot from so called friends but once a line is crossed that I find too much, then that person no longer is in my circle. They are never let back in either. I do love, "memories" I hope you are feeling well and that the snow isn't too much of a burden on you.

  13. Nice to see the garlic sprouting :)

    All the best Jan

  14. Excellent collection of poems. I admire your strength.


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