Thursday, September 28, 2023

Shared Memories

not-quite Journaling, 59

Happy and strange words are my home.

8/29/2023: I haven’t written new dark fiction in some time. But yesterday, I started working on the profile of a delightfully creepy character--I enjoyed learning about her job, her wants, her friends, her habits, her wonderfully weird ways--and every sentence felt like coming home.

In writing as in reading, I love strange characters: Remedios la Bella from One Hundred Years of Solitude, Tiffany Aching from Discworld, Merricat from We’ve Always Lived in the Castle, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter… These characters’ actions, feelings, quirks (and quite often their wardrobes) are a treat.


9/10/2023: My immune system reacted nastily to… something--maybe food, maybe meds, who knows--the damned thing is always overreacting to seemingly random stuff. So, my inflamed, itchy bits and I have been fighting to get better (and trying not to scratch). The whole thing makes me sleep too much and increases my fatigue. But it hasn’t kept me from harvesting my wee garden, doing some writing, and running (on my trampoline). Take that! crappy immune system.


on this equinox,
I’ll let autumn rain cleanse pain
of flesh and spirit

9/23/2023: My favorite way to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox involves cleaning and cleansing my altar, garden, home, body… Since my flesh and bones and I haven’t been feeling exactly grand, only my body and altar received some attention. But when we need, Nature provides. I couldn’t take care of my garden, so she sent rain and words to complete my ritual. See? Life doesn’t suck.


nature grows
the best exhibits
for the eyes and heart

9/27/2023: After a few days of gloominess, the sun has blessed New York City with its presence; so, I went for a long walk. I saw bees (okay, a bee) enjoying flowers, mushrooms popping for some light, and a baseball delighting in a reflective swim. Nature is the best hostess.


9/29/2023: I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago. I find myself dreaming about her often (in every dream, she’s hosting a glorious tea party in the Summerland). She looks pain-free and happy. Still, I miss her…

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #96: What, for you, conjures up Home?


  1. Life doesn't suck... there's a garden to harvest and opportune rain and flowers... so many little things...needed that reminder this morning. Thank you!

  2. Sorry to hear about your immune system. It was supposed to protect you Great to let autumn rain cleanse pain. We have the rain but not autumn Its spring and I have been doing a little spring cleaning. Never too much as I am not a fan of cleaning lol

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. It's the quirks that separate us from the humdrum and death that separates us from our dear friends until we dream or think of them.

  4. Your photos are awesome! So far in 2023, three longtime friends of mine have died -- I've reached that stage now where funerals are the big get-together events, not weddings or baby showers.

  5. I am pleased you are back....immune compromised folk have to be so careful with everything. Sorry for your loss of a dear friend. Love your garden pics and haiku. Keep well, keep writing........Rall

  6. Love this stroll through your world. The floating baseball speaks to me. I have a friend who has an itchy burning rash that looks like bites and no one can figure out what it is.

  7. Love the pictures and the haiku. Good luck with the creepy character!!

  8. Glad you are writing this book. Make it real scary!!
    I've been doing a lot of doctoring as of late, blood tests, Xrays, Mri's, Doctors and Neurologists. Colonoscopy week after next. I think I'll make it though, biggest round numbered BDay I'll ever have at the end of October. I like to run away on those, this year I plan a 12 cruise. Still they want a party, will be when we, yes, Mrs. Jim always runs with me, get back. One year we were in NYC as daughter was running the NYC Marathon. We followed her to five different places using the subs and the sixth we walked from Harlam over to Central Park to see her at the finish line.
    The next Tuesday I had a treadmill test, the one running it stopped it and said to make an appointment with the cardiologist. The next morning 7:00 AM plus minutes, saying he had an opening, that I should come in to see him then. That was sort of the start of my not being 100% healthy. COVID March 2022 has lingering effects on me to add. I caught that on a cruise ship, was quarantined 10 day before the U.S. would let me come back, six on the ship and four at Portsmouth, U.K. Still nothing as serious (maybe) as what you've been through.

  9. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I love your "Death is not the end..." and how we live on through "... shared memories." Your photos are always so stunning. And your stitched found poems are my favorites, even though I sometimes (okay, too often) forget to comment and say so.

  10. Love what you said about "death is not the end..."
    That baseball in the pool of water is really surreal. It's like a planet that has lost its way.
    I just found out that I have a little thyroid condition that is messing with me, but i am trying to live with it.

  11. Oh I am so sorry about your body. I know exactly what you are talking about. I am so interested in your writing on this strange and wonderful character. Sending healing energy to you. Come see all my creatures on my blog.

  12. Deeply moving words and photographs. Thank you ♥

  13. Lovely photographs and I did like your words which started 'death is not the end ...

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. I am sorry to hear about your friend.
    such splendid haiku! Bring on the new dark and creepy.

  15. The whole post is a nod to life - the full bloom of those gorgeous vegetables (and full bloom flower) struggling with health issues isn't easy and losing a friend - it can certainly be difficult. Hugs.


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