Thursday, November 16, 2023

Words and Feels

not-quite Journaling, 61

 There is power in pink
blooms, in scars embraced,
in mind and flesh
to give up the fight
for life.

10/18/2023: If you haven’t had a mammogram, a breast exam performed by a doctor, or your breast self-examinations aren’t particularly regular, then today is the day to correct such a serious oversight. Wear pink while you’re at it, so that others might be reminded too. ( . ) /

P.S. Someone told me that “a good soul doesn’t have time to worry about [her] individual problems, when an entire people face war and worse.” At first, I wanted to kick the speaker in the teeth. Now that my mind is calmer, I’ll just say that the world and all its big problems might not mean much if we’re dead--breast cancer doesn’t wait until we’re ready for it.


10/31/2023: My favorite last minute Halloween costumes, from some years ago. My Piano Man was a Chick Magnet, but I can’t remember what I was… Bloody Hammered? 🤔 I’m sure it was completely obvious at the time.


11/3/2023: Because, every so often, we (all right, me) can use a little reminder.


11/7/2023: “Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us.” Well, of course, señor Burton, even for this lily. Doesn’t she look like she’s holding on to the best of October? Or, perhaps, I’m just projecting.


: In response to the one who asked, “What terrifies you?”


Be love: devastating and wonderful.


11/17/2023: I love fairy tales and all kinds of tales, where people who are being oppressed fight as hard as they can… and get out from under their tormenter’s boot. I love them even better, when they do some kicking back. What can I say? I might be a wee bit adversarial. ¯\_()_/¯

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #103: Life Is a Fairy Tale.



  1. I so admire you. My sister passed after a 7 year fight from cancer. It started in her thyroid, to her breast, to her bones and lungs. She made me promise to get a mamo every year and I have kept that promise. I love your flower and your tennis shoes. I can't get my poor foot into a shoe right now. but when I can it will be pink. Hug and love my friend.

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness! Yes! I had my mammogram last month.

  3. You are right on keeping examined. Mrs Jim said she isn't getting mamagrams any more as she is old now. I don't argue with her anymore but do say to her, "Are you sure?"

  4. The last piece totally resonates: - "if they try to bury you, be a wild seed, grow" - absolutely right, can't let anyone else determine one's life.... good or bad or whatever.

  5. I like the chick magnet pun, as in the costume. There wouldn't be a story without people meeting challenges, some quietly others loudly born to battle.

  6. Breast Cancer Awareness ... so important :)

    All the best Jan

  7. IMammograms are crucial at whatever age. People think that a lump must be detected to have breast cancer....sometimes there are no symptoms.

  8. Love pink.....Rall

  9. I thoroughly enjoy reading your journal entries! btw I believe you were a
    bo-ho beekeeper for halloween. Be well, Magaly.

  10. How dare "someone" say that to you. That smug, soanso dserved a kick in the teeth! But, you took the high ground. Love this post and your spirit!

  11. I loved your little poem....surely there is power in the little.things.....your pics are lovely too.

  12. Nobody does words and feels as well as you do. I admire you.


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