Thursday, August 5, 2021

Astonished by Nature

not-quite Journaling, 18

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

~ Mary Oliver


the poetry:

daisies growing dark
moons for eyes

I delight in overcast skies that free me to garden without the weight of a hat. I revel in perils I have overcome, without which I wouldn’t have grown as adept as I have at the art of rejoicing in the small (giant) magics life gives me when I open eyes and heart (and see). On this gray morning, I am grateful for a Universe that teaches cloudy skies aren’t just a shrouding of sunlight but a chance to cool down... open eyes and heart wider... and be astonished by all Nature offers to all.  

it blushes
so prickly crimson,
my cactus

and the inspiration:

7/24/2021: Not very long ago, I learned that black-eyed Susans are also called “gloriosa daisies”. These stunning bloom (which my mind’s eye has always thought of as the lovechild of a coneflower and a sunflower) is known by many names: brown-eyed Susan, yellow daisy, poor-land daisy, golden Jerusalem, brown betty, English bull’s eye, and yellow ox-eye daisy… But gloriosa daisy is my very favorite.

7/25/2021: Nature makes the very best art…

7/31/2021: Some might say that social media takes away from “real life”. I won’t argue with the notion—everyone should be allowed (and willing) to believe their own truth(s). But for me, social media helps accomplish some of what Mary Oliver’s poetry suggests at the beginning of this post... particularly for those of us who can’t get out as much as we would like.

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Writers’ Pantry #82: Here in My Car.


  1. This is ‘glorious’ ~~ my words are lacking insight ~~ enough to do your poetry justice. Thank you …,

  2. Dark "moon eyed" daisies brings back wickedest of grins mwahahaha XXX

  3. Oh Magaly, only yesterday the LitChix, one of the offline writers' groups I attend, was looking at Mary Oliver's poetry and the very close attention it pays to the natural world!

    I always enjoy the glimpses you give us of your garden – and yes, gloriosa is a name to do justice to those wonderful daisies.

  4. Regular contact with growing things does have a way of making us feel fortunate to share the same moment with them.

    I've been thinking a lot about social media too. It definitely is a double edged sword, and I've learned to flee Facebook when it feels too toxic and abscond from Instagram when my shoulder and arm can't deal with the scrolling. But I've made some strong connections there too. I'm working on figuring a balance that works for me, especially while the time of Corona is still very much upon us.

  5. It is quite clear how much you love life Magaly as is shines through everything you write.

  6. gloriosa has a nice ring to it.
    i like the cool message about overcast skies. besides, we can write poetry about them. :)

  7. this is beautiful magaly, reading it filled me up with energy this morning, loved these lines in particular: "the art of rejoicing in the small (giant) magics life gives me when I open eyes and heart (and see)"

  8. Nature and its beauty, well captured. And I'm a huge fan of Mary Oliver, too. Thank you for sharing that poem.

    As for social media, I think you know already the love-hate relationship I have with. But I cannot deny it's advantages, I've made some meaningful connections there which wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Also with my work as a marketer, I can't totally do away with. But unfortunately I've also seen the ugly side too...

    So, it's a must for me to take breaks from time to time, as I'll be doing quite soon.

  9. Oh, Magaly, your positive attitude despite adversity is always so refreshing. Blessings on ya, sweet one!

  10. Moon for eyes, what a delight. These flowers and poems really give me hope. I love to be astonished!

  11. I like your attachment to your garden and the happiness it brings you.

  12. Love the flowers. That last one looks so alien. I love it! For myself, I think I spend too much time on social media but at the same time it has brought me such connection. I just have to remember to disconnect now and again to recharge myself. :)

  13. Love!!!! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face! Big Hugs!


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