Saturday, September 11, 2021

Spelling Bone Broth

Be one with your ingredients (feel their essence, thank them for their sacrifice).
Observation isn’t enough (taste each color, touch all scents, talk to your broth).
No (healthy) relationship is unilateral (mind your food and it’ll feed your flesh).
Edible” is as crucial as “Beneficial” (when choosing how to spice things up).

Brewing is a ritual of trust and of knowing (understand what you’re cooking).
Roasted bones and veggies add extra oomph to broth (in case you’re wondering).
Other individuals will always have other opinions (listen to what works for you).
Try different things (this is good advice for bone broth and for living).
Herbs add the magic touch (when spelling bone broth).

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Writers’ Pantry # 86: Words Never Die. If you are not interested in my Pseudo-Intermittent Fasting Challenge, feel free to skip the rest.

31 Weeks of Pseudo-Intermittent Fasting: The Planning Stage
Wed, Sep 1st – Tue, Apr 5th
(so I’ve already started

Week 1: Do Research, Come Up with a (realistic) Goal/Plan, Collect Battle Gear – try to figure out what you want out of this challenge. How many pounds do you wish to lose? How often will you exercise? Talk to your doctor. Get a journal, and search for other tools that might help (i.e.,fitness and health calculators, exercise gear, calories info…).  

Weeks 2-5: Pay Close Attention to What You Eat (and keep a record) you don’t need to become the strictest of calorie counters, but you should have an idea of how much you eat, when you eat it, and how the food makes you feel. The best way to do this is to keep a journal. Any notebook will do. Or, you can purchase a fancy food journal.

Weeks 6-8: Exclude Any Food that Has Caused You Discomfort (record this too)this is one of the reasons why keeping a journal is so important. In order to put aside foods that are killing your gut, you must know what said foods actually are.

Weeks 9-11: Try Reintegrating Excluded Food You Don’t Wish to Give Up Completely if some of the foods that make you sick (bloated, nauseated, sluggish, or worse…) happen to be foods you really love, this is the time to try to reintroduce them into your diet. This should be done slowly, starting with tiny portions, and one food at the time.

 Week 12: Review Weeks 1-11, Create a Healthy (and realistic!) Weight Loss Plan – so, now that you know your food and your body a bit better, craft a detailed plan to lose the extra weight. I wouldn’t try to lose more than 1 pound per week (but that’s just me).    

Weeks 13-31: Follow Your Weight Loss Plan until the Desired Weight (or significant body comfort) Is Achieved, then Create a Weight Maintenance Plan – I wish to lose 19 pounds, so I’m giving myself about 18 weeks. However (and I’m sure you already noticed this), if you’ve been watching your food closely and exercising from the beginning of the challenge, it’s very likely that you’ve already lost some weight. After you reach a point of comfort, adjust your nutrition and fitness plan to maintain said comfort.

* although I am sharing this with everyone, the “you” in this post is mostly me. Feel free to ignore parts or all of it. Add to the number of weeks or reduce the number of weeks. This is what I’m choosing to do. You should choose what works for you.

* here is my Bone Broth Recipe, for those of you who asked.

* best of luck. I will (most likely) share weekly updates on Instagram, and write a full post here at the end of each stage. 


  1. I love your acrostic! Not so much the idea of being as disciplined as you with the weight loss – but hurrah for you for your true commitment.

    Thank you for the recipe. (A long time ago I used to use bacon bones to make pea and ham soup for my family.)

  2. A recipe so tried and true, passed from generation to generation

  3. Less is best and soup broth is from the cauldron of magic.

  4. A skillfully created piece with lots of beneficial information. Love the idea of "drinking your bones" in your beautifully stitched art. All the best with your pseudo-intermittent fasting.

  5. Oh, so you DO make your own bone broth! I read your recipe with interest and I love your poem about bone broth! May your broth make you nice and healthy!

  6. Looks like a good and sound strategy. All the best!
    btw, great acrostic poem. :)

  7. Yeah. I talk to my food when i am cooking also

    Good Sunday


  8. Oh I just love how you added "spellwork" to your verse. Brilliant XXX

  9. I love that you are so generously sharing "the plan." Great post and as you know I am in. Printed out the Acrostic ... on my fridge!!!!

  10. That's a well done acrostic. I wish you wonderful success on your quest for improved wellness!

  11. Hmmm. Makes me hungry for a good pot of vegetable soup!


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