Thursday, November 3, 2022

I Am Easily Distracted by Autumn-Kissed Leaves

not-quite Journaling, 45

“Autumn leaves don’t fall; they fly.

They take their time and wander on this,
their only chance to soar.”

Delia Owens


10/25/2022: This morning, when I left to see someone in a white coat (and a scope fixation) about my crappy gut, New York City was all fog and rain. When I returned home, my gloriosa daisy and forget me nots were hosting a sunbathing party. I promptly declothed… and joined them—life is good when your living room is blooming (and your digestive system is not being a total bastard).


 when the veil is thin,
I brew poems for dead souls
alive in my heart


10/31/2022: One of my favorite things about All Hallows’ Eve in the USA is pumpkin chili. Growing up (in the Dominican Republic), we celebrated the Dรญa de las รกnimas (All Souls’ Day) by cleaning our loved ones’ graves and eating (drinking and dancing) the things they loved while they lived. Pumpkin chili is a perfect addition to the tradition, particularly when we get to cook it and eat it together.


bare branches,
food and song in the graveyard--
to honor our dead


I have a thing for witchy hats, skulls, and audiobooks (with creepy kids in them).


“Have you ever tried to fit in? If you have, you know how heartbreaking it can be. Twisting and turning into something other people would like is humiliating. I don’t recommend it. In the end even if you win their approval, you’ll be so disgusted with yourself you won’t like what you see in the mirror.” ~ The Weirdies, by Michael Buckley


I am easily distracted by ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ autumn-kissed leaves.

Rosemary invoked The Power of Three, so:

I like multiples
of three
brain, tongue, hand:

mind-love my flesh,
speak to my bones,
caress my soul.

Fresh, ripe, whole...
ll give you me,
times three.

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #51: The Power of Three.


  1. As usual, I love all of these – especially your multiples of three, and even more so: 'when the veil is thin, / I brew poems for dead souls /alive in my heart' – something I am much inclined to do too ... and there are many times / reasons the veil may thin.

  2. I so need to learn how to make pumpkin chilli.. don't know what it is, but sounds delish! Also love the pics! And the idea of giving three times me!

  3. I like the photo of you looking up at the autumn leaves as they prepare to soar!

  4. I'm going to have to add The Weirdies to my reading list. I've enjoyed several other things Michael Buckley wrote too. That three poem is delicious!

  5. I can't tell you how much your posts touch me. Make me realize, make me think. You are such a beautiful soul and I love that. Your photos are gorgeous. Love love love the hat. Have a beautiful day today.

  6. That is a nice photograph of you looking up at the autumn leaves.
    I do like the Autumn season; the colours are so beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  7. Fresh, ripe, whole...
    I’ll give you me, times three.

    A most welcomed invitation, Magaly! Always fascinated by your writing skills, Ma'am!


  8. I recently made some sweet potato soup for the first time. Mother would have loved it. November here in Mich. is upside down. My magnolia tree is pushing out blossoms. "I brew poems for dead souls alive in my heart." Warming and lovely.

    1. I've never had sweet potato soup. I think I will give it a go... It sounds so intriguing.

  9. The last lines "I'll give you me times three" really rang out. I too am distracted my autumn leaves like a magpie to shiny objects. I like your hat and halloween clothes!

  10. My invite to the Sunbathing Party ... lost in the mail I presume. The maple tree in front of our townhome, for some reason, is the last to lose its leaves. Ours is still leafy green, the other ten, bare branches, leaves raked and disposed of. We also have ONE apple on our apple tree, refusing to fall every year until mid November. Wonder why, witchy woman?

    1. Nature can't be denied... that's why. Also, we need another Sunbathing Party. Soon.

  11. I really like your 'The Power of Three'.
    And all in 3 lines in 3 stanzas.

    All Soul's Day has an equivalent in our qing ming festival, where we will clean our ancestors' graves, offer food and burn paper offerings to them. Your post reminds me of it.

  12. Your "three-some" is super cool. I especially love that image of you spotting your witchy hat. And as always, I enjoy reading your not-quite Journaling snippets.

  13. I love the rhythm of your voice. It dances in sunlight like that richly beautiful flower in your photo.

  14. Well.....I DID comment! And it flew away. Seems Blogger is acting foolish. Anyway, I said...oh good grief I've forgotten now....oh yeah. I said, Those pictures of you are really nice, but then, everything about you is nice. I think so anyway. ;) Did you put a spell on Helen's apple tree?

  15. These are all so wonderful, Magaly! I particularly liked "when the veil is thin". I love all things pumpkin, and that chili sounds fabulous!

  16. I love your witchy soul. I love you times three. You make me feel like someone I want to be.


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