Thursday, October 27, 2022

Sweet Poison

I fell for his tongue
(sweet poison inked into art),

a satire of love.

I was lost, lost, lost… In lust
(without love)
has no north.

In the chaos of hidden thirsts,
he is madness
(a learned art)
skin, wanting and waiting…


love melts masks.

photo by Georgia de Lotz, on Unsplash

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #50: Sweet!


  1. pleasure / has no north... excellent!!!!

  2. Neat, clever, and all those good words. I also found this,
    sweet poison inked into art
    without love
    a learned art

  3. Sometimes love grows out of what began as lust; sometimes love happens first and desire follows. And sometimes, I guess, they remain separate. A gorgeously sensual poem in any case!

  4. "Love melts masks" -- true in both the positive and negative senses!

  5. WOW. I'm thinking about a satire of love AND love the line about without love, pleasure has no north. Brilliant.

  6. I am trying to think if you fell for his tongue because of his voice or what he could do with it - very interesting.

  7. Damn, you captured the drunk and dizzy feel of what's it's like to lust without love to anchor a person. The hopefulness at the end really moves me.

  8. Go south, young lady ... go south!!!!! LOVED this, Magaly.

  9. I like the passion. A smooth talker can mask the truth so eloquently.

  10. You brought tears to my eyes. We are so lucky that our compass give us a choice in which way to go. I love the last line.

  11. Neat! All the passion and lust without the graphic details. What a sweet poem. :)

  12. Just brilliant! You've expressed this so well, the idea that the sweetness of this interlude is also a poison, and the wonderful way it ends...just so beautifully written. My favourite lines:

    has no north"

    "in the chaos of hidden thirsts"


    love melts masks"

  13. "love melts masks" - what a wonderful line that is, Magaly!

  14. Always good to read your words, thank you.

    Sending my good wishes for this new month of November.

    All the best Jan

  15. I love this so much. I shared it to my blog. I hope that's ok. :)


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