Thursday, January 5, 2023

Under Winter’s Shroud

not-quite Journaling, 48

let me be the heart
of your twilight, the darkness
balancing the light

12/21/2022: I usually rise with the sun on the Winter Solstice, but I went to bed exhausted (from physical therapy) and didn’t wake up until almost 10am. But I (and a dry gloriosa daisy I brought inside in the summer) got to soak some sun bliss after breakfast.


When gloom and chill fill
skies and flesh and bones,
I rejoice in all the warmth
a sunny picture can hold.

12/23/2022: It’s raining cats and dogs and probably rabid raccoons. The sun hasn’t been out since the Winter Solstice, and I’m missing it. So, do send some sun-warmth my way (artificial light shining on my cactus corner just isn’t cutting it).


12/24/2022: In case the cold gets so deep into your bones that you start forgetting that spring is just a few months in the blooming (and yes, by “you” I also mean “me”). 🥶 🌱


12/28/2022: Late last summer, while my flesh and bones and I were in a ridiculous amount of pain, my Piano Man got me a plant to cheer me up. It was the only plant with a lot of healthy-looking blooms and berries. The explosion of yellow blossoms and crimson berries made my day. The plant (St. John’s wort) bloomed all the way until the end of September. I pruned it and brought it into the house in October. Today, it has a single bloom that looks like a tiny sun bedecking my living room. I can’t look at it without grinning like the happiest of all lunatics. 😁


My 2022 in one American Sentence. Now, to live (and write) 2023…

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #58: Reclaim, Rekindle, Rebirth.


  1. Hooray for your indomitable spirit! And for plants and poems and your Piano Man.

  2. the darkness
    balancing the light... that resonates. I have often positioned myself similarly, claiming equal space for the balancing darkness, only to be met with derision and toxic positivity lectures. Sigh.

  3. Your words dance on paper Magaly Love them and that sunny picture indeed holds a lot of warmth. Happy New year :)

  4. A sunny scene can bring us back to the lightness and hopefulness radiating in dark spaces.

  5. These are just beautiful....I am sending you some of our sunshine...I keep my flowers in the bedroom too....Love to you and the piano man.

  6. Oh, I HATE it when it rains rabid raccoons!

  7. Your drum is loud and clear in all of these amazing offerings! I enjoyed each and every detail. I brought my green (shade) plants in for the first time ever - and they are surviving due to my daughter's advice not to "over-love" (water) them. They bring me joy. Here in N. Michigan we don't get much winter sun - but I have learned to open my curtains wide and let the reflection of the snow light up my house - and it does. Thank you for all the gorgeous words above!

  8. I love the cactus corner - it reminds me of Greece or Spain.

  9. BOOM! Those last two lines on chronic illness say it all!

  10. How thoughtful and charming of your Piano Man!
    I enjoyed all the photos. There's so much warmth in all of them. :)

  11. Such a beautiful yellow flower on the St. John’s wort plant.

    All the best Jan

  12. Your spirit definitely shines brightly!

  13. That first is so beautiful, and what a lovely photo of the dried flower. They can often be prettier than when new.

  14. Your spirit and sense of humor amaze me. Love your corner scene,
    and all of your poems.

  15. We too are having a crippling winter here

  16. I too miss the sun. It rains all winter and summer too here. Dark, windy days play on my soul. You always bring a bright light and that is the strength of you.

  17. Oh my goodness, how I miss the sun, and the warmth, I love the dark but not the cold. I can feel the light and colour in each of your pictures and words.

  18. Thank you for sharing the smile a sunny St John's Wort blossom brings! I hope you've had more sunshine this month. January here has been all thaw and no January. Today's temperature is normal for here & feels cold after the long thaw.


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