Thursday, May 11, 2023

Crohn’s Disease and OCD Walk into a Bar…

all right, that’s a terror
of a joke. Everyone who knows
knows that even the idea of being
in a bar
would make Crohn’s lose its shit,
and push OCD to scream
for a soothing session
of repeated handwashing. 

So, let’s start the joke again,

Crohn’s disease and OCD run, run,
! into a bathroom. And it’s no joke;
it’s enslaving, draining, unpoetic,
and too often

photo by Yosuke Ota, on Unsplash

- for Poet’s and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #76: To-Do Lists (where a ridiculously awesome host, who seems totally incapable of following her own prompt, invites us to take a To-Do List (real or imagined) and turn it into a story or poem.


  1. I love the way you started this with that title and delivered such a strong message. Yes, it does seem like a terror of a joke.

  2. I just bet it is! Irritating and all those other things. And no joke at all. And yet you manage to address it with some kind of wry amusement. I'm awed.

  3. oh the curse of OCD hand washing...not me...but every morning I go to dry my face and the hand towel is wringing wet. You'd think I'd learn, but no. And although he doesn't have crohn's, his obsession with going to the toilet has been life long. As a small child couldn't walk past one, as an adult has stress beyond belief about the whole process. So yes we do joke about these things in our family otherwise we would all become obsessed. XXX

  4. Brilliant! Nice twist and way to express that urgency.

  5. Your tag "chronic illness warrior" is a good one!

  6. No, jokes making fun of personal hindrances should never be. The story was "Right on!", to the subject though not to the prompt. I have several lists showing up on a search for "Ist" and for "Lists". Great idea for a prompt and I started but couldn't finish this one.

  7. Your words express it vividly. Humor, wry or otherwise, is the gem we find that makes the lousiest of moments bearable.

  8. Perfectly penned! I have two friends, one with Crohn's and one with pretty severe OCD. I know how they struggle ... you managed to insert wonderful humor into the equation ... as only you, dear Magaly, can.Cheers. Happy NY Spring in all its glory. I would love to travel East, catch a show or two .. the airfares are prohibitive now.

  9. When we can laugh at ourselves, what others might say certainly doesn't hurt us - or at least not as much. LOVE that you didn't follow your own prompt :)

  10. Best stay at home!....Rall

  11. Hey, I may have OCD, I always check that the gas is off before I sleep.
    You still manage to make humor out of a chronic disease. That takes pretty courage. :)
    I love the signs on the toilet door.

  12. A brilliant and humorous twist! Running into a bathroom or knowing beforehand where to locate the bathroom is not a joke...

  13. You have explored a most real topic - a few of my friends and relations have had to carry this burden! Delightful humour.

    PS - your comments on my piece are far too kind. Bless you!

  14. Well said! You managed to take something not funny at all and add some well crafted humor. I enjoyed this


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