Thursday, May 18, 2023

Blooms Out of Every Tempest

not-quite Journaling, 53

a silver lining
blooms out of every tempest
in fiery petals

5/8/2023: A few days of rain left most tulips around my place looking… interesting—the first looks like washed-out flames, the second is hiding under a bush, and the third lost half her clothes. Still, they look pretty; reminding me (and you, if you like) that storms can birth wonders.


Normal is impractical,
be you.

5/15/2023: Dictionaries define “normal” as (n.) the usual, average, or typical state or condition; and, (adj.) conforming to a standard, or expected. Well, I don’t know about you, but I doubt that “typical” or “conforming” could even begin to describe the glorious mess that is me, myself, and I. So, my peculiar, my weird, my uncanny and I shall keep delighting in the wondrous strangeness of being all of me.


nature never errs,
bolted onions speak of need
for fresh yum in soup

5/17/2023: My wee garden is blooming: the cornflowers, the tomatoes… and sadly, the onions—mood swings in temperature have confused this child of the allium, and caused it to bolt. I nipped the bud to pause the process. That particular onion will season my next pot of broth. The others are growing all right, and will be ready for harvesting in a month or three. What’s growing in your bit of our planet?   

P.S. To the one who has been yapping about my so-called “toxic positivity”, I say that a bit of optimism is never a bad thing. On the other hand, finding fault in someone else’s refusal to give into gloom, well, that can choke a soul to death. So, take a breath… and speak something useful.


Comfort is coffee, books,
and you.

5/18/2023: If the page had offered the words, this blackout would’ve included cooking, gardening, walks in the woods, conversation with friends, quiet (and not so quiet) time with my Piano Man, laughing until I cry, productive writing sessions, rain baths in summer, spring blooming, Halloween spookiness, petrichor, the taste of food I’ve grown. I could go on and on… Because living can be rough at times, but filled with delightful bits (that help smooth life’s jagged edges).

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #77: The DJ Sucks.


  1. Love both the erasure-craft-poems... normal is definitely impractical...also a false standard to measure anything by. Enjoy the spring flowers...

  2. I love all of these – the fiery petals, the 'glorious mess' of you, the thought that nature never errs ... and I too find comfort in coffee, books and my live-in love (in my case, Poppi the cat). Or perhaps your 'you' meant all your devoted readers (wink)?

  3. Magaly, I like your "comfort is coffee, books, and you" and I would add "TV" and "and not always you, but I wouldn't dare publish the last addition. I enjoy my day off when Mrs. Jim is playing bridge, usually three times a month. My youngest granddaughter, age 14, gave me a box of 200 different words with magnet backing, it would look like your cutaway.
    Your flowers are pretty, we have lots of red roses, purple irises and white flowers on some hedge bushes in the back yard, rabbits too.

  4. I'm shaking my head as I hear ,yet again, of "drama Llamas" that kick and spit in the face of joy. I used to feel sorry for them, but it seems more of a lifestyle choice these days. So I will sit in the glow of your magical phrases, while dipping my toes in gloriously bubbling waters filled with fat tadpoles ( or under my suitably overladen crabapple tree), cackling "witchy style" and dreaming of sacred Well Waters I'll be drinking next week XXX

    1. LOL, those drama llamas like getting around don't they. Finding a way to ignore them is bliss!

  5. Showering in the summer rain sounds heavenly. Toxic positivity is real but not usually applied to folks who choose to see the glass half full in the face of all the "jagged edges" in life. Hopefulness enriches.

  6. There are so many beautiful bits to your makes me deserve all of them...... Rall

  7. A very beautiful post. Your garden looks wonderful. The flowers are amazing. I love the last paragraph of this post. That says it perfectly for you and for me. Have a very nice day today.

  8. "Toxic positivity"???? Now THAT'S the ultimate oxymoron! (with emphasis on "moron.")

  9. "the third lost half her clothing". LOL. Enjoyable post and perspective on life. I like eraser poems AND I like the idea of adding the artwork.

  10. 5/19 Those tulips. Nature just makes me happy.

  11. Love the Tulips and poetry. Great combo!

  12. I love those fiery tulips strutting what they've got. And goodness normal is just so... icky.

  13. You are a lovely tempest in our teapots! A glorious mess in our all our lives. Cheers to a beautiful NYC weekend!

  14. I love all the little posts here, the photos and thoughts and poetry. There is so much optimism here.

  15. Nature never errs and storm can birth wonders- my favourite lines

  16. Hmm, I disagree with your premise. I think more often than not, normal is practical. However, I agree with your conclusion anyway: Be You.

  17. 5/26 If Nature never errs, why does she make some things wonky? You think on purpose? Just to keep us on our toes? 🤷‍♀️

  18. Lovely to see your photographs.
    I like 'comfort is coffee, books, and you' ...

    All the best Jan


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