Friday, July 28, 2023

Glimmers and Such

not-quite Journaling, 57

In a New York garden, she roars (or yawns) her feelings into the world.

7/17/2023: My red amaryllis is blooming rather expressively. This is the first year this one flowers in summer. I think that after weeks of coughing, crappy sleep, headaches, and back pain, Nature decided to brighten my day with a bit of unseasonal magic.


a glimmer:
bees and ladybugs
kissing blooms

7/21/2023: According to my dearest and sweetest, Rommy, “a glimmer is the exact opposite of a trigger—it is some kind of cue, either internal or external, that brings one back to a sense of joy or safety.” Pollinators soothe my soul, naturally. Care to share one (or 2, or 3…) of your glimmers?


Be you; regret be damned.

7/25/2023: If it makes me happy and hurts none, I do it--no guilt. My relationship with that particular emotion doesn’t go beyond this thought, by Voltaire: “Every (wo)man is guilty of all the good (s)he did not do.” Especially the good which might’ve improved her life.


pure delight:
tomatoes I’ve grown
to snack on

7/28/2023: Every time I walk out to my balcony to pick (and taste) a tomato (or 15), my tummy grins. Of course, my tummy can grin! Can’t yours?

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #87: What Pleases You? I am pleased by growth, by reciprocal love, by small magics, by hope that spreads, by words that uplift, by determination, by self-reliance, by things I’ve grown from seed to yum…


  1. oh love these delightful flowers being kissed by the bugs and yum Haven't had tomatoes for a while They cost a fortune here. We must grow them again as well!

  2. It's no secret to me that you take great pleasure in the wonderful things you grow in your garden – and your posts sharing them always give great pleasure to me too.

  3. Oh, those beautiful little tomatoes!

  4. The roaring and / or the yawning! Priceless. BE YOU! REGRET BE DAMNED. An amazing mantra, Magaly. Be well.

  5. You show your pleasure with the balcony garden, very often here in the "Not Quite Journaling" postings. The tomato crop is really good for you this year. One of the criteria for us when we move into a Senior Living apartment, not too far away, is that it MUST have a balcony. Plants and flowers yes (my nor Mrs. Jim's thumbs are green), but also to bring my antenna out for operating my Ham Radio. It cannot be fixed permanently or obvious out there.

  6. Ohhh what a delight. Your garden is luscious. I have tomatoes just coming on. We have had the coldest summer. How beautiful you blooms are. I hope you are doing well. Hugs and much love.

  7. I just ate my first garden tomato. Glad to know you are too. Watching and hearing children play put me at ease like pollinators do to you. Maybe the same thing?

  8. Love your open-mouthed perspective of the flower. Funny how it could be yelling or yawning, opposite sides of the spectrum, depending on how one interprets the scene. And a tiny seed becoming a tomato or anything is, indeed, wondrous.

  9. Tomatoes from a balcony garden are so amazing.. yes, nature is the ultimate glimmer.

  10. Amaryllis, hear her roar! (Or yawn.) I've never seen a red one! Only white.

  11. Beautiful pics of your garden...lovely are a glimmer...your work shines....Rall

  12. My tummy is grinning right now, along with my face. These photos are pure glimmer!


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