Saturday, August 26, 2023

Must Taste the Thorns

not-quite Journaling, 58

8/8/2023: I ran outside today. All right, I ran/walked. My muscles are weak and my endurance is crap, but I ran on dirt for the first time in… forever. And it was glorious. I kept laughing--rather loudly--and people kept giving me funny looks, which made me laugh louder. I ran/walked for 24 minutes ([run 1 min, walk 2 min] x 8); not very long, I know, but a good beginning. The goal is to get back to running 30 minutes, 3 times a week, by the end of October.

“Baobab: Tree of Life” by Tijay Mohammed. The tree that inspired the sculpture is a symbol of life,
so… starting my run/walk there felt just right.


from every angle,
my passion
flowers can enchant
in sunlight and rain.

8/15/2023: My passiflora has finally bloomed. I got to enjoy her striking curls for about 5 minutes, before rain showered them closed. Now she’s impersonating a fairy skirt--yep, she’s gifted like that.


8/22/2023: A 19-year-old (who might or might not be related to me) told me that “a healthy relationship isn’t supposed to be hard”. I didn’t think laughing hysterically would be constructive, so I didn’t laugh. I felt like yelling in their face, “Are you 5?” wouldn’t help either, so sent them this poem.


I dreamed of a life without pain,
and reality laughed.

8/26/2023: Well, maybe I haven’t truly had this dream in a while. Not that I can remember. But I still enjoyed stitching the thought. 😁

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Wrings #91: Muscle Memory.


  1. I think more the opposite that if it's not hard sometimes, it's not likely to be healthy. But then again, I'm not 5! Love your attitude, your pink shoes and flower.

  2. I love your vibrant hot pink running shoe, the Tree of Life sculpture, and that exquisite passion flower! I feel for your 19-year-old friend. When I was 19, I knew everything too, LOL, and am now (of course) sadder and wiser.

  3. Yes to the shoes, the running goals, the passion flowers and the stitched poem... so right about reality... a laugh I'd recognize anywhere too!

  4. 'Delightful from every angle' could describe this post, too!

  5. Heavy rain can make my head droop, just like your flower! lol Loved the photograph. ♥

  6. Lovely to catch up on your latest, Maga. I've been slacking...But good to hear you're taking baby steps with running. Keep at it, and never mind Reality! I hope you have the last laugh. <3

  7. Good luck with the running....I hate can spoil your life....should be avoided until one is old and wrinkly and then you don't have a choice. Whack it on the head with some pink running shoes is what I say:).....Rall

  8. Rearranged line is a truth about you, "my passion, Delightful, from every angle" in love, lifeforce, attitude and determination.

  9. Liking your getting those limbs back on shape. I could probably do your run, walk, exercise. When it's cooler Mrs. Jim and I walk thirty or more five days a week. Different doctors, the same day, ordered that. A pediatric doctor said running on a golf course grass would be good for me but DO NOT run on the concrete cart path. I used to run several miles until I my back deteriorated until surgery repaired it.
    I enjoy reading your journal.

  10. Every word, emotion, thought in this post resonates .. deeply. I have no doubt you will accomplish your run / 30 minutes goal ~~ maybe ahead of the deadline you set. You go Lady!!!

  11. The taste of thorns enhances the taste of the fruit, and that is the duality of life, and lovely pics too

  12. Oh YAAAAY!!! Not that I've ever run anywhere every, but I know how much it thrills your blood XXX (all the pilgimages and candle lightings seem to be helping us both cws) Last month I froze my boobies off, swimming in a sacred pool (fully clothed because it was an unexpected find) urging the healing waters to find you. This might be an example for your youngling of how sometimes it is necessary to struggle for a valued relationship XXX

  13. Everyone have their own concept of life !!!

  14. You go girl! I am impressed with 24 minutes!

  15. The last one was poignant. I'm glad you enjoyed stitching it! Lovely passionflower.

  16. The goal is to get back
    to running 30 minutes,
    3 times a week,
    by the end of October.

    You've set your goal Magaly Ma'am. That's half the battle won! Wishing you every success and keep us posted. Tq


  17. I love your response to the 19-year old! The flowers are so lovely, and I'm glad you are run/walking.

  18. Everything about this makes me miss something. I miss being able to run, and I miss blooming flowers, and I miss life being easy. And it's more the understanding that I am getting older, and seasons change, and life is sometimes hard. But it makes me appreciate those moments when I get to walk, and see each new season and those fleeting moments when things go smoothly.

  19. I do like your trainers, what a great colour :)
    Your passion flowers are beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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