Thursday, January 11, 2024

Hibiscus Has Rizz

not-quite Journaling, 64

1/5/2024: New York City is about to get some snow, so the locals are puffing up their coats. It’s either that, or this pigeon is making itself look bigger in order to intimidate the wild woman who keeps stalking it with a cell phone *cough*.

The dark can be delight.

1/9/2024: The opposite is true too: delicious delight can be found in dark things--in dark personalities, in dark stories, in dark situations, in dark poetry… Also, being able to enjoy one’s own darkness makes even the tiniest glimpses of light feel like a treat (particularly these days).

Oh, promise me,
an elderly lady is up to no good.

1/10/2024: Because sometimes, funny book spine poetry writes itself. Those two books have been stacked that way for a while, and I hadn’t noticed. It was a giggly surprise (and I’m always extra thankful for giggles).

You have enough
rizz (charm, allure, sex
appeal) to entice any
bee with a pulse.

1/11/2024: I wrote this in response to a “Bad Flowery Poetry Meets Worse Pick-Up Line” prompt. We had to recite the poem to the person (or in my case, flower) that inspired it. Yep, I stood in front of my writing group giving dubiously sexy looks at a picture of a hibiscus. It was absolutely ridiculous (and so much fun). I laughed until my face hurt.

- for Poets and Storytellers United  (Friday Writings #109: Rizz).


  1. I constructed a spine poem over the holidays. I always have an hour in the library while Mrs. Jim is attending her book club meeting. I do hope that you will publish some of your spine work. I don't like going to sleep in the dark, that is what night lights are for.
    I hope you had a nice New Years Day. We did as Mrs. Jim's birthday is January 1 and her favorite niece and her hubby came to visit over New Years Day. They both are retired, as is half of our kids and spouses, if they have one. (Tim has been divorced for years and a daughter is a widow, brought by the COVID--but they all had other family to be with so we would have been alone except for the other daughter, she had a small party New Years Night at a local restaurant.)
    Now, I wish for you to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Am looking at all those Terry Pratchetts lined up.. haven't read a single one! The world is incredibly dark right now, but someday I really hope delight will emerge from that darkness and things will become bright. Meanwhile, this elderly lady (me) is also up to no good :)

  3. Love the book spine poetry! And floral sexiness!

  4. I love you rizz poem. Flowers are so erotic. I'm imagining the bee. A friend once told me I danced like a bee going for honey.

  5. I have always been on the dark side but all my life I was told by teachers, and sometimes my mom, that I needed to find a lighter side. So I tried, especially in art. When I go real sick with lupus, I was in my 40s, I found that I love the dark side of me. It is a balance that so many refuse to embrace. Dark, light, and the in-between. My mom always told me to laugh everyday, even if you don't feel like it. To you my friend.

  6. That's the prettiest dang pigeon I've ever seen. She has a lot of rizz. I love that book's title. I bet that lady has a lot of rizz too!!

  7. It took me a minute to see the two books on top, I was too busy reading the Terry Pratchett titles, as you know the hubby and I love Sir Terry's works, as well as yours :P

  8. When you laugh the world laughs with you!!!!

  9. I read that elderly lady book and it is quite entertaining. What did you think about it?

  10. This piece was most enjoyable Magaly, and thank you for introducing me to spine poetry. In my 6 decades of writing lyrics/poetry I had never heard of it, but I know there is always something new to be learned… πŸ™‚ ✌🏼🫢🏼

  11. Great photograph of the pigeon.
    I do like the book spine poetry.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. Love the spine poem and the idea of you flirting with a hibiscus pretending to be a quite possibly are more insane than i am LOL.....Rall

  13. Hibiscus Has Rizz - you are so right! I never thought about them in that way.

  14. Love the Rizz poem. Any bee would be fortunate. I haven't done spine poetry in a while. Thanks for bringing it up. And yes, 'the dark can be delight.'

  15. And I absolutely love the dark poem. πŸ–€


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