Thursday, January 18, 2024

A Closed Mind Is a Threat

I love how youve cracked
and spread your ribs,
to let me in.

Touching your heart makes me feel
almost safe. But

I need more: share what lies inside
your skull. Whatever you are
keeping caged screams to me,
a closed mind is a threat.”

I overheard someone said that “When two people really love each other thought isn’t a necessary part of the equation.” I was so shocked, by the ludicrous statement, that I turned to the speaker and totally gave them my unfiltered WTF? face (which according to some of my friends *waves at Rommy*) can be rather off-putting. But what can I say? Even the idea of a thought-barren relationship makes me shudder. 

 for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #110: Fascinating!)


  1. Oh yes! What I love and seek is always 'the marriage of true minds' (whether or not marriage or even romance is involved; it applies to friendships too – and most certainly to capital-L Love).

  2. That is such an interesting way to put it...cracked ribs and touching the heart, all violently physical and then the caged mind ... very graphic indeed!

  3. Firmly expressed. Whether keeping bombshell or banal secrets ... an uncommunicative person threatens any healthy relationship.

  4. ROTFL, hey man, I usually cackle at the WTFs, often wishing I was brassy enough to let them out of my brain more often. (I usually pull the Homer walking backwards into the bushes act). And yeah, I can't imagine an existence where you are supposedly close to someone and you don't share your thoughts. How tedious!

  5. I do love this and relate to its fierceness of feeling and it demand to know another person. I too feel withholding is a threat.

  6. I agree, the statement is ludicrous. Love might transcend many aspects of life. But a closed mind, that's a stretch. Run, run, indeed! Love the practical advice the poem imparts.

  7. I agree! Thought is the most important thing in a relationship. Being in love with someone with a closed mind will never make one happy. "Almost safe" is not safe enough.

  8. Communication and sharing thoughts is key, but not all find it easy.

    All the best Jan

  9. Well, I agree with you and the others. I have been with my partner 42 years and believe me thought is very much part of the equation. I would say that this person doesn't have much control in her/his relationship. Hope you are feeling well.

  10. I love how often my husband and I find we are thinking the same thing. It is comforting to be on the same wave-length.

  11. I love this, Magaly. Keeping communications open is the only way to have a good relationship.

  12. Instead of closing up, breaking open and letting them in, not just in heart, but in thought and mind.


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