Friday, May 17, 2024

Wild and Wilder Woods

not-quite Journaling, 69

 Wishes of doom steal hope
from all.

 12/5/2023: Some truths are that simple. Wishes of gloom and doom infect every heart involved. The opposite is also true, positivity and goodwill can be delightfully contagious--so, let the kindness spread.


Dark days wither,
not love.

12/13/2023: This one tells me that, every now and again, when pain seems interminable and hope feels like a myth, we must remind ourselves of the sweeter aspects of our reality. What does it say to you?


All I want is you
and wild and wilder woods.

 4/30/2024: All right, so that’s a HUGE fib--I also want to garden under the sun, to run 13 miles a week, to sleep through the night, to read printed books for hours, to travel to the Dominican Republic, to spend the whole day cleaning my home, to swim in a clean river (it’s been forever!), to eat grapefruit, to visit secondhand bookshops, to sip a tiny glass of peach wine, to dance all night long, to… well, you get my drift. The closer I get to the end of my current treatment (this summer 🤞🏾), the more hopeful (and impatient) I get about being able to do so many seemingly trivial things (again).

for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #127: All I want is…)


  1. Wild woods sound good to me! (But while it might be a very good idea to spend all day cleaning my home, what I REALLY wish is that someone else would.)

  2. Wild and wilder contains a lot of meaning, Nice.

  3. If you have time to clean your home you are not reading enough.

  4. You put it beautifully. And if the isolation of Covid taught us anything, it's that experiences deemed trivial are monumental when not able to enjoy them.

  5. I hope that this summer you achieve all your heart's desires!

  6. Wild Woods sounds a good choice to me.

  7. If there is any woman in the world capable of overcoming adversity, it is you. I have no doubt. I wish you 13 mile runs, long book reads, gardening in sunshine ... every wish you articulated!
    [Dark days wither, not love ...] what it means to me? I focus on the bright days I've had, the brightness future promises. Sending love and a bright future for YOU.

  8. Best of luck in your treatment. Hopefully you will be able to do all the things you want to do. I like your illustrated erasure poems.....Rall

  9. The doom stealing hope says it all. A sweet want list.

  10. Grapefruit's been one thing I can eat again, this winter. I'd missed it. I wish you the pleasure of sun-ripened citrus fruit for many seasons to come.


  11. Yes, doing all the things you/we want to do. Health to you my friend.

  12. These are wonderful wishes, with the exception of the. house cleaning.

  13. 'let kindness spread'.

    All the best Jan


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