Saturday, June 5, 2021

Ink and Spell and Bloom

not-quite Journaling, 13

the poetry:

Get ripped by misery, my heart, or stitch energy into the world.

everywhere I go,
my dark and bright ink and spell
a chant of balance

in dandelions,
imagination blossoms
the sun and the moon

the whole world won’t stop
screaming because of a bloom,
but one soul might smile

Battle for mirth, my broken heart, and stitch energy into the world.

and the inspiration:

Succulent on the rocks.

 5/10/2021: Because “it is a truth universally acknowledged” that the sense of humor of this peculiar teetotaling gardener works in mysterious (and slightly lame) ways. It is true, Jane Austen and I know things.

5/20/2021: Yesterday morning, my takion blue plant was full of closed buds. Then, the temperature went up and up and… BOOM! an explosion of pretty blooms (which you’ll have to imagine because I’ve no idea how to link Instagram stories). I hope some bees stop by to take a look, a lick, whatever they want.

5/27/2021: I went out for a walk, half-drunk on memories of the super flower blood moon, when I ran into a dandelion patch. The last two photos, in this triad, made me think of the sun and the moon. I hope you have a bright and blooming Thursday.

5/31/2021: After three days of rain, the sun and my sweet Williams are blooming their adieu to May. I like these flowers so much--because they are beyond lovely, and also because they are my Piano Man’s namesake (yep, I have my own sweet William). 🥰 

Stitch energy into the world.

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- for Poets and Storytellers United--Writers’ Pantry# 73: Encouraging Ourselves.


  1. You turn journalling into something so creative, I am tempted to try – again. I never seem able to sustain journalling for very long. Perhaps it all goes into my poems instead. But here you've found a way to combine both, delectably.

  2. Beautiful Haiku even the Dandelion is good having spent much of childhood grabbing a seeding one and helping it seeds gewt blown away to start again!

  3. summer
    a lovely garden
    with sweet william
    life sounds good

  4. Such richness of expression here dear Magaly- right from the get go too... Starting with: 'Get ripped by... And sustained throughout - marvellous write...

  5. A chant of balance speaks to me. I also love seeing your garden bloom, in this lovely season, and become a rich not-quite Journaling creation.

  6. Thanks for sharing your garden blooms and your walk surorises
    Everything as it should be.

    Wishing you a Happy Sunday.



  7. I love the way these pieces feel like bright bits of colors flashing together like in a kaleidoscope. I really should take up a practice of recording my days this way too. I admire both the artistry of your work and the discipline you put into doing it regularly.

  8. Single blossom superiority. Sensational. Salute!

  9. On dandelion and one smile at a time. And look at all those seeds we can blow as good wishes.

  10. Profound and beautiful. I love the line "stitch energy into the world." It brings to mind a surgeon skillfully stitching torn flesh or a good witch soothing a little girl's scraped knee with aloe vera. Awwww... it is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jane Austen fan can sniff Pride and Prejudice a mile away. :D

  11. If anyone can stitch energy into the world it's you, Magaly. You bring your own special brand of sunshine!

  12. I love dandelions, the flowers and the seeds, even seeing them fly off to make more!

    "the whole world won’t stop
    screaming because of a bloom,
    but one soul might smile"

    That has to be the most beautiful thing I've read in a very long time.

  13. Love the photos! Yes! Stich energy into the world!

  14. It seems a little sad. Too much about broken hearts and misery makes me wonder why your pen is bringing this forth. But...I know your chant of balance will put it all together correctly. And so I smile.

  15. We need some rain here badly!
    I love your entire post! Made my heart smile! Love these words you wrote, "I hope some bees stop by to take a look, a lick, whatever they want." You are so cute and of course sweet William is too!!!! You are for sure stitching energy into the world! Big Hugs!

  16. YOU.... are an energy spreader. Carl is special needs, pretty high functioning, lives with me, he is my best friend. Cheers to your son!!!!!

  17. The exuberance of Dandelions this year has been a joy to behold. Banks of golden suns followed by galaxies of softly glowing moons...and people have the audacity to call them "weeds" XXX

  18. Your binding of words and feeling definitely fill me with energy and inspiration. I love your gorgeous flowers! Those stitches truly join together.


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