Saturday, June 19, 2021

Love and Let Love

not-quite Journaling, 14

the poetry:

Some superheroes
need a cape to save their world,

bees are born with wings.

But we are not bees,

strapping on virtual wings
and flying and screaming,

“Love is love,

and that must be

enough” just isn’t


To save our world, ourselves,
and to save the loves
we love
(and the loves we don’t),

we must love

and let love.

and the inspiration:

more photos

6/4/2021: “He had that curious love of green, which in individuals is always the sign of a subtle artistic temperament, and in nations is said to denote a laxity, if not a decadence of morals (and in a Magaly is believed to brew cackles of wild delight).” ~ Oscar Wilde (and moi). Also, no one wears green as enthrallingly as Nature does—so, you shan’t be surprised to know that I spent most of my morning walking around with my head in the leaves. What about you, have you stared at a tree and smiled like the most blissful of lunatics today? If not, you totally should. Really, try it! 🌳🥰🍃


“She gives all she has

to be beautiful for you,

to be presentable,

and to be joy in darkness.”

- Angela Moreno -

6/4/2021, too: All right, so it’s more likely that the amaryllis is doing it for herself (and for pollinators). Still, Moreno’s “Amaryllis” is a gorgeous poem that felt extra right when I saw my amaryllis blooming brightly in the dark. 

6/8/2021: A handful of years ago, I only grew things I could eat or brew (and sip). I rarely grew flowers. Then I realized that although I got a bee or three when my tomatoes and strawberries were blooming, I never got a significant number of pollinators. So, I began to grow flowers for those wondrous creatures. Now, one of my dearest delights is seeing them buzz around my wee garden doing the kind of magic Nature created them for.

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Writers’ Pantry #75: I Just Want to Celebrate.


  1. Yes, love is always the answer, the means, the meaning, the everything.

    You have just caused me to uncover in myself an opinion that whilst flowers are beautiful they are 'merely' decorative in contrast to things we grow for food. Oh, the strange things that lurk in one's unconscious! Thank you for pointing out the supreme usefulness of flowers. And also, I take myself to task for supposing that beauty is not worthy in its own right, for its own sake. Good heavens, it is one of my greatest joys in life!

    1. If I had the space, I would grow different gardens: for cooking, for witching, for delighting in (and sharing with bees). But since I only have a tiny balcony, I must be selective.

    2. And yes, "love is always the answer".

  2. About ten years ago I decided to move from my house close to the sea and buy an 1st apartment to retire into. What I miss most is the garden I left behind of course.

    1. I completely understand. I moved from the country to the city. I still miss so much...

  3. It was cool seeing how those little bits came together to inspire the bigger piece. I think my Darling Youngest would be especially fond of it.

  4. Beautiful words, beautiful images. beautiful, MG.

  5. Happy to hear that you now have the delight of bees in your garden
    Happy Sunday


  6. Love your point about needing to save the loves you don't necessarily love either.

  7. We never really know where love will take us, or how it will take us there. And that's one of its beauties--and dangers. Love is dangerous? Of course it is! And anyone who doesn't recognise the dangers of love has never loved at all. (End of philosophical musings.)

    1. I completely agree with your philosophical musings. There is a world of danger--and joy--in opening our hearts for someone to get in.

  8. So glad you shared your thoughts. You have such a beautiful soul. It shines in your words and thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much, Bev. I'm so glad you feel it so.

  9. Thank you for the lovely message.
    without the bees and other pollinators, what will life be like?

  10. Cheers to Love and let Love. I love when bees fly around my garden, I'm amazed that anything grows for me at all (black thumb... very dangerous for plants). And I have been admiring the green trees too. It gives such a feeling of energy and rejuvenation. On Sunday I was admiring a black walnut tree that had a trunk so large it took three adults to wrap their arms around it. It makes one feel very small in comparison under that gigantic canopy.

    1. Oh! I so miss seeing HUGE threes. The woods around where I live are so very young.

  11. I love the mix, love and buzz. Poetry pollinates.

  12. You Know I am cackling gleefully as I read....face smushed into the green :D CWS

  13. I love all of this!!! I always stare at my trees and smile! Love your rainbow art piece! Big Hugs!


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