Thursday, January 13, 2022

In 2022, Enkindle!

not-quite Journaling, 27

 2022 slithers in
under a bleak cape of clouds
it ripped out
of 2021’s rotting grip.

Souls start suffering
the loss
(2021 took so much),

then they look beyond the fear,
(Behind 2022’s darkest cloak)
and they see
a spark… perhaps
the sun.

1/4/2022: My Piano Man, the not-so-Little Princess and I had a nice New Year’s Evewe cooked, we ate, we watched the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett, and we stuffed our faces with grapes (for luck!) as the as the Times Square ball dropped. It was a good night. So, that is the spark I choose to see, since 2022 decided to arrive sunless. 


In 2022, Enkindle!

1/4/2022: I seldom do the word of the year thing; but last month, when shared the word Enkindle (v): to kindle into flame, ardor, activity.” I knew it was my word for this year. Enkindle has been in my mind ever since. This word feels right, warm, a good focus word for any year (and particularly apt for this one).


On fresh snow
an oak leaf conjures
autumn dreams,
under naked limbs
decked in winter lace.

1/7/2022: NYC is being blanketed by the first real snow of the season—cold and lovely (from inside the house). Things didn’t feel half as lovely while I froze at the bus stop. 🥶


winter’s bones
can spring the brightest
shoots of hope

1/10/2022: Laurie A. Conley describes her art as “gently spooky”; and that’s true. But there’s so much more to her cute ghost, lively skeletons, and anthropomorphic trees. Her creations brew smiles out of me. They leave me feeling a bit more hopeful. This piece is a new favorite of mine. Doesn’t it make smile… and hope?


the storm,
a sweet William
dares to spring through

1/13/2022: This beauty blooms in a ginormous pot outside my VA hospital. I love seeing flowers there… and this sweet William feels extra special (snow is covering the ground, the temperatures have been soul-freezing cold, and this little flower springs defiantly through the bones of her winter-slayed kin). What heart can’t keep from being moved by that gift?

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Friday Writings #9: Telling Secrets.


  1. 'Enkindle' is a lovely word! And you certainly possess the secret of spotting the bright and beautiful amidst apparent gloom.

  2. Enkindle is a sturdy word... a great selection to guide 2022.

  3. That little skeleton is super cute! She and your words go so well together. I sometimes do a word of the year thing. LOL, I played around with a random generator and got "conquer" and that feels all out of proportion to where I am now, but "enkindle" that feels better. Here's hoping that there will be beautiful sparks to tend to in the upcoming year.

  4. And kind is in enkindle. I'm always looking for that spark. Our first snow at The New Year was the magic I needed here. I love to see your creative workings put together.

  5. I am in agreement with the word enkindle. Also the skeleton, very cute. Have a great day today.

  6. Magaly, I love reading your 'diary form' entries. I also like your word of the year find. We've enkindled our lust for cruising, have booked a transatlantic cruise to Southampton, U.K, this spring. So far it hasn't cancelled. It won't be our first. The most fun was front NYC to U.K. with three stops in Iceland and some more stops before and after.
    I will try to use your word, rekindle other ideas. Like cleaning up the messes in my 'office' which has become as junk room with paths. Mind you, not 'resolutions'.

  7. Excellent series - you've captured the times...these dark times.

  8. I believe The oh-so-sweet William has a message of all mankind ... if only we listen. Already, I have fallen in love with enkindle. The drawing is pure adorableness. (is that a word?)

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Laurie Conley and her "gentle spirit", and for passing along the word enkindle. It sparks my fancy too. In fact, I borrowed it already. Hope you don't mind.

  10. 2022 is slithering in alright but hopefully at some point, a ray of sunshine behind the clouds. I am so sick of isolating and know so many people right now who are sick - some mild, others really ill. Sigh - hopefully the end will be sometime this year.

  11. very inspiring post magaly, really enjoy your journaling here, love all those images. i had foot surgery this last month and i can't go out and play this winter, i'm going to miss an entire season of ice fishing. stuck inside i miss nature so much, so i really appreciate all your words and images. be well, hope you are feeling better.

  12. Enkindle is a lovely word a prayerful word
    Have a nice weekend

    Much love...

  13. you have a knack for spotting courageous blooms. :)
    Also enjoyed the rest of the journaling.

  14. It's so good to hear you ushered the New Year in a simple yet loving style surrounded by your loved ones. And grapes for luck...great tip, I need lots of them. :D

    I like your word, Enkindle. It's unique; feels both gentle and fierce. May the spark you choose to see, regardless, grow to light out your world in 2022!

  15. I always love getting steeped in your world...those wintery pictures fill me with such enchantment..they feel like snowy fairytale tree beings. Ekindle is new to me..what an epic just fuels the spirit with creative magic and perfect. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  16. Thank you for capturing the single leaf on fresh snow and the defiant flower of nature. I often see a leaf, a feather or a small trail breaking the whiteness and it hits the right space.

    Thank you for sharing "enkindle"

  17. Enkindle? I like it. If you can see or even imagine a spark
    of radiance beyond all this illness, you are ahead of the game.

    I love that flower!

  18. I love the word enkindle! That's brilliant. And the art... such hopefulness, in death, there is still life. And the persistence of a flower.


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