Sunday, February 11, 2024


Pain eases
its grip on my spine,
when I feel
you spilling your heat
on my throbbing flesh.

If your mind jumped head first into the gutter, after reading my tanka, then your sense of humor and mine would get along just fine. You see, I did an indecent amount of snickering and giggling and chuckling while I wrote this poem bit. Still, it was inspired by a more literal kind of heat: my heat pad.

At first, when my sweetest and dearest Rommy asked us to “write about our favorite modern convenience or invention”, I thought about my smartphone. Then I felt the soothing warmth of my heat pad relaxing my back muscles, while I wrote, keeping my glute and thigh and calf and foot and toes from total sciatic agony, and I realized that there was no competition: my electric heat pad is my favorite modern convenience. Nothing against hot water bottles--I have one of those, too--but not having to refill your pain soother with hot water over and over and over… is pure magic.

So, what’s your favorite modern convenience or invention? And what makes it so?

borrowed from the Alpha School of Massage
(Not exactly a heat pad, I know. But I love my electric heat pad
in the same way I delight in heat therapy after a deep tissue massage.
Hm… delicious!)

for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #113: Modern Marvel)


  1. I'm with you!! I was imagining all sorts of steamy sex. The heating pad? Would be a close second for my old muscles too. Cheers.

  2. OF COURSE I leapt headfirst into the gutter! I understand why a heating pad would be so important in your life. When I get occasional leg pain at night, I heat my "magic bag" of grain in the microwave and it eases it for me so I can sleep again. But for my favourite modern convenience, I would pick the washer/dryer because it relieves us of the hard, time-consuming work that used to be involved in doing laundry.

  3. First let me say I'm glad to see you are still here. I've been away for awhile and many are gone. As I grow older, the heating pad has become my best friend. Along with a hot shower, the heating pad helps take the kinks from my back and allows me to get on with my day.

  4. My mind was totally, deliciously in the gutter!! So kudos to you for writing so erotically about a heating pad.

  5. I'm in the gutter so often, Pennywise calls me Queen. Heating pads are under-rated... they are such a comfort to yearning flesh. *snickersnort*

  6. My mind definitely went to the gutter. Then I reread and thought nobody with back ache wants to have sex. I love my vitamix, a very upscale blender I use everyday for so many recipes.

  7. A heat pad does sound wonderful! I turn to a mixture of arnica and magnesium to get rid of my aches and pains. A stream of hot water from my hand-held shower nozzle is great, too. (Yes of course we all initially thought exactly what you meant us to, you wicked girl!)

  8. Many years ago now, I lived remote, off the grid, off the land. After 3 years Mr. M. and I returned to, what people call, civilization. It was so difficult to be in a house, smothering in fact. I didn't want all the "things" that made other people happy. However, over the years I have come to appreciate some modern items even though heart remains in the woods. So, if anything ti is my electric mixer. LOL it seems so funny to me as I write this. Great post. Have a very nice day today.

  9. A heat pad is the perfect choice...( I have one of those things you can warm in the microwave ) Obviously you had fun crafting the poem!! :)

  10. lol I got on the wrong track but I go with heat pads and believe they are wonderful. I use something similar; an infra-red lamp which sends heat through your injured area

  11. So pleased you find the heat pad helps.

    All the best Jan

  12. Google is being tiresome. I'm Priscilla KIng, and I laughed.

  13. The thing that gave it away, was 'throbbing flesh'. I use heat constantly.


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