Friday, March 29, 2024

Enticing Souls and Quickening Soil

not-quite Journaling, 67

3/17/2024: My enthusiasm for starting avocado seeds might’ve gone slightly wild. Also, I’m wondering if Crazy Sh*t Presidents Said (in 1st photo), The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases (in 2nd photo), and Cien años de soledad/One Hundred Years of Solitude (in 3rd photo) have any effect on avocado seeds’ sprouting cycles. Then again, there is a chance that this is just my brain playing the let’s-think-about-anything-else-but-this-freaking-pain-in-your-joints old game. What do you think? 🤔


Spring has arrived,

blooming warmth
and sprouting

to entice souls
and quicken soil.

3/19/2024: To celebrate the first day of spring, my potted mini-orange grove and I enjoyed the sunrise together. It’s still too chilly for tender seedlings, so I didn’t keep the pot outside for long. Since my coffee and I are made of hotter stuff, we stayed until my cup was empty (and the hostile looks on several blue jays’ eyes suggested that enough was enough, they wanted time alone with their birdfeeder). May this spring bring you warmth, health, growth, smiles (and, perhaps, birds that aren’t so greedy).


(i) still the monster
with writing.

3/26/2024: Also with doodling, stitching, letting my muse ink wild, planting every seed in sight, obsessively reorganizing my books… Whatever works, right?

The morning stretches awake to the song of gut and bone wailing echoes of pain. The universe living in my skull wonders if the rest of my flesh is ready to carry a new day. Then I see him smile for me, his lips feed me a kiss, and the beats under my ribs roar, We can do anything!

3/29/2024: Some days (all right, most days) a smile, a kiss, a hug, a bit of gossip, a picture of a plant, a hysterical meme, a new book, an old song, a “You’ve been in my thoughts, Ms. Wicked”, and pretty much any gesture, from the ones we love and are loved by, can be the best painkiller.

for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #120: A Touch of Formality)


  1. Am quite convinced the avocado seeds read them all... if they know how to make an entire tree, they definitely know how to read !!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Your flowers grow well, I've seen those. We took our four pitted plants out of the garage a couple of weeks ago. With a dose of fertilizer they greened back up and seemed to be happy.
    Jim here

  3. This is lovely poetry Ms Wicked. Mr Piano Man is the best pain killer possible and it makes me happy to know you are so loved. Those blue jays have an attitude problem.:)....Rall

  4. Anatomy of an Illness, a 60s book by Norman Cousins, says that a good belly laugh can relieve pain for 2 hours. I love your daily little pleasure. Those kinds of things are what keep me going too. I'm wanting to write a spring ditty but I think I've said it all before.

  5. Ignore the blue jays. Stay as long as you want.

  6. All these small delights ... which in truth are not small at all.

  7. Love the line "I enjoyed the sunrise together" - This really works and i love they way you have written this. - Delightfully done.

  8. I like the wee red devil peeking out from behind your books -- that's what caught my eye right away, lol!

  9. Seedlings, stitched poetry, sunrisings, smile-fed kisses ~ S is my favorite letter of the alphabet today! Cheers.

  10. "Then I see him smile for me, his lips feed me a kiss, and the beats under my ribs roar, “We can do anything!” How blessed you are to have such a delightful relationship.

  11. The red devil caught my eye. Who knows what sets off an avocado.


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