Thursday, March 14, 2024

In this Story, Nature Soothes My Aches

not-quite Journaling, 66

2/8/2024: I might’ve spent the last hour ogling Ms. Amaryllis. Fine, I was doing my lymphatic draining massage while the ogling went on, but… I still wonder if she’s considering whether or not I’m a creep. What say you, Ms. Amaryllis? She’s not saying much. Maybe she’s just the sensuously silent type. 🤔


Steel cut oats
on a snowy day,
hot and sweet
memories blooming
delight on my tongue.

2/13/2024: I’m waiting for Nature to stop frosting New York City, before going to explore the woods. For now, let the exploration be of oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, raw sugar, roasted pecans… and a favorite story.


small magics
keep a wintered soul warm
until spring

more photos here

2/22/2024: I woke up to gut-crushing pain. You know, the sort of agony that curls your body in a whimpering ball and shrouds your skin in cold sweat?  After hours of tests (and loudly creative language), I got to go for a walk. Nature (knowing I was having a crappy day) gifted me with glimpses of snow and berries bedecking holly, hellebore and periwinkle springing through the cold, and a few minutes of sunlight on a cloudy day. The pain remains at rather nasty levels, but Nature’s gifts make the torture not matter so very much.   


In this story, the woods eat my aches.

3/7/2024: New York City has been in a rainy mood. I haven’t been able to go for a stroll in days. It’s cloudy but rainless now. So, on my walk back from the hospital, I cut through the woods. Every step was balm for muscle, bone, spirit… The sight of extra verdant moss, mushrooms, crocuses, hellebores, periwinkles, and budding daffodils was high quality smile-fuel. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. I think I’ll go for a run… All right, it’ll be more like a walk/jog. Still, it’ll be glorious. 


“I love amaryllis because they are plump and juicy.
They feel like spring even in the middle of winter.”
Jonathan Adler

more photos here


Were I snow, I would fall on you
gently--caressing, coating

warming winter-kissed limbs
until spring blossoms.

 Light and love and lust are in the air. Spring is coming…


for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #118: Strange Springs)


  1. You never can tell but Mom Nature should be letting up. I was going to bring our ourside potted plants out of the garage but forgot. We are in the 80F's here along the Gulg Coast, i think it's okay now.
    Thanks for the prompt,

  2. Were I snow, I would fall on you
    gently--caressing, coating… beautiful...sigh!!!!!
    I don't like the sweet version of oats so I figured out a recipe with salt and spices and tons of veggies :) :)

  3. I like your Spring rituals! Would love to come and have breakfast with you – but I'd have to wait until well past the cold. (I hate cold weather, and nowadays hot weather doesn't like me, so I'd have to come in one of the tween seasons.)

  4. I worked in a government office once which had the most beautiful red amaryllis in a small window in the file cabinets room. Such a plain, even ugly, utilitarian space redeemed by this magnificent plant which flowered continually. For whatever reason, it thrived only in that particular window. I found excuses all the time to go to the file cabinets room.

  5. Snow never sounded so good. I love all the soothing imagery amid the pain. They, too, are balms for bone and spirit.

  6. interesting words that paint a picture of spring. Well Done

  7. So lovely. Small magics. I especially love the last little poem of you as sensual snow and feel sad about your pain.

  8. Beautiful sentiments. Pleased that you can find relief in nature's loveliness. Sorry to hear that you are in pain...Hang in there dear one. May the coming Spring bring you some respite.....Rall

  9. I love your conversation with Ms. Amaryllis! Steel cut oat are yummy with raisins and apples. Beautiful photos!

  10. Noting like a conversation with your plants. I do it often. Wow that is a lot of snow. I do love the look of your alter area. Yes, I know that pain. It not only curls us up it takes the life out of our spirit. I'm with you as to not allow it to win. I walk, in my back yard, or if it is raining/winding I do it in my house. I will grab one of my drums and play that until Mother Earth heals what is angry in my body. Ohhh and oats is an every day treat for me. Hugs and healing to you my friend.

  11. small magics
    keep a wintered soul warm
    until spring

    I'm writing this down and saving it in a little pottery jar I have. It's a treasure to take out and read every winter now for me. Thanks for your lovely bits of wisdom.

  12. Sorry to read that you are in pain.
    Pleased that you were able to cut through the woods and enjoy a little of nature. Nature so often lifts us a little.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. Sorry to hear about your pain. I find the weather has a lot to do with my pain levels. Wish I had more nature around me. Nothing like a walk through the woods.

  14. I don't know where to begin. The poetry is sensual and lovely. Each set of words, more beautiful than the last. I am so sorry you are in pain, and hope it subsides.


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