Thursday, July 4, 2024

Some Years “After the Almost-Apocalypse”

A breast
cancer scare hits hard
and fast
--twisting, twisting,
the mind and gut
and leaving the heart feeling

drained, displaced, desolate. 

Those terrible days
the ones that snail by
while your world is waiting,
waiting, waiting
to learn
if life is really rotting
inside the walls of your being
those days are soul eaters.

But after
the almost-apocalypse is done,
when healers chant,
Youre fine. Youre just fine,
your world grows less bleak
flesh and blood and bone exhale,
and the spirit blossoms

(differently) anew.


Daisy Sunshine by LoopyLady

- someone asked me, “Are you excited to get back to your normal life now that breast cancer is gone?” I told them that I wasn’t sure ‘getting back to normal’ was a realistic option for me. Later, after I had some time to think, I sent them a quote from Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, to explain that after breast cancer, ‘it’s like your life breaks into a million pieces and when you put them back together, they don’t quite fit exactly the same.” Surviving (and thriving after the Breast Cancer Monster), requires hope, determination, self-love… and enough creativity to craft ourselves a new normal.

- I wrote the first version of this poem years ago; time has changed bits of it (and me).

for Poets and Storytellers United (Friday Writings #134: It’s a Dirty Job)


  1. "those days are soul eaters" ... so true and how well you describe how the flesh and blood and bone exhale afterwards and yet it is not quite the same... much love and respect for everyone trying to put all the million pieces together again...

  2. A difficult journey skilfully portrayed - I am glad that if not an before/during/afterwards there is a step forwards and definitely a sense of healing - Jae

  3. That is such a difficult journey. Well described.

  4. Here's to resilience of body, soul, spirit, life!

  5. I am a cancer survivor - this hits hard.

  6. Cancer can always return. There is no guarantee that it wont so best to carry on , give life your best shot, because there is no other choice . Enjoy all the little things, all the little lucky things like you just stepped inside before a torrential downpour and you didn't have an umbrella with you. Your writing about cancer experience helps others to understand...

  7. Happy there is blossom. Mine ends in fruit.

  8. This is a lovely poem and a difficult journey. Well done.

  9. I don't think there's any going back to "the way things were" especially after something like breast cancer. But I know you are someone who can absolutely put together something satisfyingly different with what you've got on hand. Here's hoping the cancer volcano sleeps deeply for a very, very, very long time.

  10. So many worldwide are dealing with cancer.
    Keep strong.

    All the best Jan

  11. Jim here. I liked your Dr Love explanation for the state of being of the breast cancer survivors. You've had it really tough and telling folk of the dilemma is easier for all.

  12. ps. Wev'e lost our senses of smell and taste for about two years now, did you lose or keep those? I also have continuous flem and stuff to spit out. Jim here

  13. Your journey is tough and filled with setbacks and worries, but you come through beautifully, if different.


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