Pseudo-Intermittent Fasting

I’m doing 31 weeks of pseudo-intermittent fasting (Sep 1st to Apr 5th). True intermittent fasting does not really interest me, since it involves way too much not eating for my taste. The following titles are the posts I share on this blog (in case anyone is interested):

Sep 1st - Love Your Flesh
Sep 4th - 31 Weeks of Pseudo-Intermittent Fasting (P-IF); or, Bring on the Bone Broth
Sep 11th - Spelling Bone Broth (31 Wks of P-IF: The Planning Stage)
Sep 28th - Running Thoughts (31 Wks of P-IF: What Actually Happened)

6th - Delighting in Food
21st - Passive Aggressive Mean Girl Meets Splendidly Vindictive Woman