Saturday, July 10, 2021

Slowdown… and See

not-quite Journaling, 16

the poetry:

let go
of useless guilt—
taking time to see life
blooming and buzzing,
does not make a heart
or heartless or
aware of the world; but
watching Nature grow
natural things
can lift body and soul.

Never be too busy
to smile;

always remember that
(for a moment)

in the tiniest garden,
an explosion of sun-
flowers can brighten
the gloom threatening
to shadow the world.

and the inspiration:

7/5/2021: An explosion of sun-

7/8/2021: It’s true (smiles are free therapy we can share); so, let us smile as often as we can.

7/10/2021: The seeds that bloomed these lovely specimens were a gift from a friend. Each sunflower has been a surprise. The first was the shade of yellow most of us associate with sunflowers. The second one has a yellow base, but the petals look like Nature took her favorite brush (and red paint) and had some fun. I really like the effect.

more photos

- for Poets and Storytellers United--Writers’ Pantry #78: Cover Me.


  1. That's just beautiful the poem and the sunflowers Both brighten the gloom

  2. Oh yes, why not delight in the 'blooming and buzzing' when we can! Really, what is the point of being here otherwise? The problems won't go away if we take a moment to contemplate something beautiful and pleasurable – but the contemplating may give us renewed strength. (Which is what your poem says better.) Thanks for sharing, and giving us the chance to contemplate your sunflowers too.

  3. What a delightful garden you have. The flowers must be happy you like them.

  4. To "smile as often as we can" indeed a vdry powerful inspiration

    Happy Sunday. Stay safe and creative


  5. The glory of your garden never fails to brighten my smile XXX

  6. It's so easy to overlook the importance of slowdown time. After all, most of the world around us is set to warp speed. But I've yet to regret those moments of peace.

  7. I smile reading and now am going out to the garden.

  8. "Never be too busy
    to smile" that's one thing I missed when we wore masks... some people would and you could see their crinkled eyes but so many others wouldn't even look at each other.

  9. that sunflower! it looks like a burst of sunlight! Nature has a way of surprising us.
    love your sunny poem today. great message. 🌞

  10. So often our poems here dwell on doom and despair, but I know always I can come here for positive reinforcement, Magaly. You are a gem! I love the rebel sunflower, by the way!

  11. Sunflowers brighten up any garden or any little plot of land actually!

  12. Slow down
    Let go
    Never be too busy to smile

    An excellent reminder, thank you.

  13. I am pleased you derive such pleasure from your lovely little garden More importantly you share it with others and make them happy too

  14. How green and yellow is your garden and how beautiful the sunflowers. I'm glad I took the time to stop by because that meant I had time for a smile! :)

  15. Such beautiful flowers! I like the poem, too, of course. Especially the "explosion of sunflowers."

  16. Love!!!! Thanks for making me smile! Big Hugs!


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